Belkin 85 Mbps Powerline Starter Kit (White)

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Manufacturer Description

Powerline Turbo kit allows you to reliably transmit content from your Internet directly to your computer and other network devices through the electrical wires in your home at speeds of up to 85Mbps. Actual speed and distance will vary depending on interference, network traffic, building materials, and other conditions. Product Description If you've had trouble getting a network connection or a strong wireless connection in the hard-to-reach places of your home, the Belkin Powerline Turbo Starter Kit is the answer you've been looking for. This kit includes everything you need to create a home network using your house's existing electrical wiring. With the Powerline Turbo Starter Kit, you can turn any power outlet in your home into a reliable high-speed Internet connection.

The Belkin PowerLine Turbo Starter Kit:
  • Includes two adapters to get a network running out of the box.
  • Uses your home's existing electrical wiring.
  • Offers data throughput of up to 85 Mbps.

The adapter can be plugged directly into the wall or placed on a desk.

Extend a network connection anywhere you have a power outlet. View larger.

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Create a Network Connection Anywhere in Your Home
The Belkin Powerline Turbo Starter Kit uses your home's electrical wiring to create a home network for your computers and network devices. With this kit you can convert any electrical outlet in your home into a network connection, giving you access to the Internet wherever you need.

This kit offers the perfect solution if you have a computer in the attic, basement, or any other hard-to-reach room. You don't need to drill holes to extend your Ethernet cable, and you won't have to worry about the slow data speeds or intermittent dropouts of a weak wireless connection. The Powerline Turbo connection will always stay on and maintain fast speeds. Additionally, unlike wireless connections, the Powerline network connection isn't affected by factors such as cordless telephones or other wireless interference.

There is no performance penalty using the Powerline Turbo -- data throughput is at a speedy 85 Mbps, so you can easily perform all your regular Internet tasks, such as surfing the Web, downloading files, streaming music and videos, and making VoIP calls.

Enhanced Security Keeps Out Snoopers
There is no need to worry about security either; with 56-bit DES link encryption, the Powerline Turbo ensures that your information is safe and secure from intruders. Since the information is all transferred with wires, hackers can't simply sniff your information out of the air, as they easily can with insecure wireless connections.

Simple Plug-and-Play Setup
Setup is as simple as plugging one adapter into a wall outlet and connecting it into your router, and then plugging a second adapter into any outlet where you need a network connection. This kit includes two adapters, so you can create a network connection within minutes of opening the box. If you have need for another connection, simply purchase another adapter.

Smart Design for Flexible Placement
With the included power cord, you have the option of either placing an adapter at your desk or directly into the wall.

The Belkin Powerline Turbo Starter Kit is HomePlug 1.0 certified, can coexist with HomePlug AV, and is compliant with 802.3/802.3u standards.

It is backed by a lifetime warranty.

What's in the Box
Two Powerline Networking Adapters, two Ethernet cables, two power cords, two wall plug adapters, quick installation guide, and CD-ROM with installation software and user manual.

Get a network connection even in places wireless can't reach.

Belkin Powerline AV with Amazon Video on Demand
With Amazon Video on Demand, you can instantly watch thousands of movies and TV shows online. Now, instead of watching videos on your computer, you can stream it to your home theater for a premium viewing experience. To get the best streaming video quality, update your home theater and home network by adding Belkin Powerline AV to your Amazon Video on Demand. Belkin Powerline offers the best bandwidth and fastest speeds for the ultimate video experience in your home--even in HD. Belkin Powerline is simple to install and faster than any wireless connection--just plug it in and instantly connect to the Internet. Use Powerline to stream high quality video to cable boxes, TiVo, or gaming consoles and show Amazon Video on Demand programs in your home theater as well as any other TV or computer in your home.

Product Features

Networking kit lets you create a network using your home's electrical wiring Data throughput of up to 85 Mbps Kit includes two adapters, letting you create one network port anywhere there is a power plug 56-bit DES link encryption keeps your network secure Lifetime warranty

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